Medical & Surgical Claims

We specialise in dealing with medical negligence claims. We have vast expertise in this area and have had major compensation success for our clients.

Compensation eases the financial burden to people that have suffered under any part our health system. If you believe that you, or somebody belonging to you, has been a victim of carelessness, errors or incompetence, please feel free to visit, call or email us in the strictest of confidence.

We aid persons who are aggrieved when they receive unsatisfactory answers from medical practitioners and our experienced team assist in finding answers to those tough questions. We obtain admissions of wrongdoing / apologies from medical practitioners as well as compensation.

We understand that pursuing an action of medical negligence can be very difficult.We will listen to you, analyse your case and inform you about the process, timeframes and likely results. You will have all the information you will need to assist you with your decisions. Should you decide to pursue a claim, we will be there for you every step of the way.

We have many years’ experience of litigating cases relating to birth related injuries and deaths of both child and mother, cerebral palsy, catastrophic injuries, brain injuries, spinal injuries, misdiagnosis cases, surgeries that went wrong, surgical procedures which were not fully explained to patients in advance and patients’ consent were not obtained correctly, eye surgery, dental surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Sample Potential Claim types:

Julie Shanley heads the medical negligence team and can be contacted at:


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